Cloud Computing

The Cloud is here to stay and we are here to help

In a nutshell, “The Cloud” is simply a reference to tasks that are being performed elsewhere on computers & networks that are outside of your direct control.

Once upon a time when connectivity and computing power was very expensive, a Cloud-computing model for a business of any size made absolutely no sense. Today’s relatively inexpensive bandwidth and computer costs mean that customers around the world are now able to use & afford enterprise-level resources for a fraction of what they would pay to purchase capable systems outright – instead, these Cloud computing companies offer a type of “rental fee” to use their resources for guaranteed levels of service.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer; the “right” answer is the solution that is best tailored to fit the needs of YOUR business. Our job at CompuVision is to help you identify the appropriate questions to ask of yourself and your business, and thus outline the pros and the cons of one type of solution vs. the other. It will often prove to be the case that we will end up recommending a hybrid solution for your IT strategy – combining a mixture of public and private Cloud along with some in-house infrastructure, allowing you to realize all benefits of a true best-of-breed solution!

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