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A decade ago, having a security system in place was something you’d only find at large office buildings or large estates. Today, the advances in technology allow even a small business or home security system user to accomplish the same goals as large organizations.

The Vision Communications team will take the time to understand your operations and/or personal estate needs, identify internal and external threats, and design smart solutions to help you guard against loss of life, inventory, property, productivity and profits.


Companies of all sizes are thinking about what they can – and can’t – do to monitor, secure and grow their businesses through video surveillance. But to do that, there are several key questions to ask yourself and your organization:

  1. What do I really want to accomplish with video surveillance? Secure a perimeter? Stop loss? Learn about the shopping behavior of my customers?
  2. Do I have the expertise to set up my own network? Even companies with IT departments may not have the expertise to evaluate, design, deploy and monitor an effective video surveillance system.
  3. Do I have the dedicated staff to be effective? From the examples above, the difference in personnel availability is evident. But even national and global companies are looking at headcounts.
  4. What is the cost associated with video surveillance? (And what is the payback period?) It really takes a professional integrator to evaluate the technology and bandwidth required to develop a cost-effective video surveillance program. For instance, should you keep all video onsite or send it offsite? And what’s the ROI on the latest trend: IP video?

Why do you invest in a physical security system? Your answer will vary little regardless of the location. You purchase a system because it promises to protect your home or workplace and the things and people found within either one.

When next considering a physical security system, evaluate if it provides the following four things:

  1. Gives peace of mind
  2. Protects people and assets
  3. Verifies incidents and helps with incident reporting
  4. Offers remote access and management

Contact Vision Communications today to schedule an analysis of your needs, and we will work with you to design a solution that fits your budget.

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