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Think about what it was like going grocery shopping before the advent of supermarkets. You would need to go to the butcher to buy meat, the produce stand to pick up some vegetables and the baker to buy bread. You’d also have to wait at home for the milkman to deliver the milk. And while this was fine if you didn’t have anything to do during the day, it was a major inconvenience for those with a busy schedule.

And that was the logic behind the supermarket. A single place where you could shop for all your groceries allowing you to save time and effort that all these individual trips required. At CompuVision & Vision Communications , we saw the same thing happening to businesses. They all required a number of technology and communications related services and products but had to talk to a variety of people to find everything. That’s why we strive to be a single source for your technology and connectivity solutions. You get everything you need, along with excellent customer service, in one place.

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