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Cabling Solutions - Santa Barbara

Wire where you can, do wireless where you can’t! Sage advice even in this day of wireless devices. At Vision Communications, we will work with you to create a well thought out and cohesive design for your office or estate. Vision Communications has been providing cabling solutions to local and regional clients for the last decade plus. Reach out today for a free consultation and design.

“Wireless is the future!” “Wireless’s time has come!” “Cables are a thing of the past!” Ask any IT professional you know, and they’ll tell you: Wireless is nothing without wires – literally! Nearly every type of wireless connection for mobile devices must, eventually, have a wire leading to it.

Most people don’t see the miles and miles of cabling that is required to connect offices, maintain efficient data centers or power wireless connections – but when it’s a part of your job, you need to ensure that your facility is going to have clean, efficient, and most importantly, organized wiring! Let the experts at Vision Communications help you plan and deploy your next cabling project.

Wireless connectivity has proven to be one of the fastest growing and fastest changing technologies ever developed in the consumer marketplace. It hasn’t been uncommon to see a new wireless connectivity standard developed approximately every 18 months or so, and each new iteration requires new hardware and expertise to deploy.

Whether you have an existing installation that needs to be upgraded, or you need to plan for an entirely new office location, our team will sit with you to determine the goals for the wireless installation – helping you to answer questions like, who will be the users? Staff only or customers as well? What about public access? What security will be in place? How many users, and how much traffic is expected? Is your existing cabling capable of connecting to the newest WAP, or will it need to be upgraded? Nearly every wi-fi network has different requirements, and it’s our job to help you find and implement the right wireless solution.

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