Computer & Digital Forensics

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Computer Forensics is the methodical examination of digital media, such as personal computers, to establish factual evidence for civil or criminal matters. Our experienced Forensics Team is able to conduct a full and complete Forensic Analysis on all types of media due to their extensive training, certification and access to a wide variety of specialized tools and software. Both live and static analysis is available.

Computer Forensics Applications

The proper collection and analysis of computer evidence through accepted computer forensic protocols is a critical component of any internal investigation or legal audit. Our forensic services are requested for a wide range needs including, but not limited to:

Civil Litigation - business HR issues including employee productivity issues and sexual harassment allegations, data and intellectual property theft, divorce proceedings

Criminal Matters - embezzlement, fraud and computer system intrusion (Hacking)

The Computer Forensics Process

A methodical approach to the forensic process is critical and includes:

  • Investigator Preparation - Consult with the client to discuss all relevant case details, outline goals and strategy. Identify and document evidence. Establish a strong chain of evidence.
  • Data Collection & Preservation - Acquire a forensic image using tools capable of capturing a bit-stream image, preserving the digital evidence to ensure the data is unchanged from its original state.
  • Analysis - Analyze and extract the relevant information. Recreate the chain of events.
  • Reporting & Presentation - Report findings to the client and present information in basic terms with technical documentation. Participate in legal proceedings when necessary.
Currently, CompuVision and Vision Communications engineers are performing IT services remotely wherever possible. If we need to go onsite for our clients, our team has been advised to follow strict health practices. We highly value our “in-person” relationships, but now is a time for caution and care. We are here to serve and support you and your organization in whatever way we can. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any needs.
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